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At the Forefront of Torah & Secular Education

Established in 1953, YRITEA has grown to be the largest Orthodox elementary Day School outside the New York Metropolitan area currently teaching over 1,000 boys and girls. Offering an extensive Hebrew studies program and fully accredited general studies program, YRITEA is at the forefront of providing quality and superior education to our students with many of our graduates achieving successes in both the worlds of Limud HaTorah and business.

But more than an education, YRITEA teaches a “Derech Hachayim,” a way of life which has inspired generations of Bnei Torah who are committed to the ideals and morals learned at YRITEA and cultivated by our dedicated Rabbeim, Moros, and teachers.

Years of Excellence
Amazing School

Rabbi Yechiel Yehuda Isacsohn

Built on a Legacy of Excellence

When Rabbi Yechiel Yehuda Isacsohn, a Holocaust survivor and immigrant, needed to move to Los Angeles for health reasons in 1955, he did so with a heavy heart due to the lack of a Torah day school which upheld the standards of Torah, middos, and ethics he wanted for his own daughter.  Rav Isacsohn, who was fondly known as the “Immigrant Rabbi”, thus began his mission to bring a school that could parallel those of the East Coast and which would personify those yeshivas lost in the alter heim.

Through many obstacles including lack of funding, a damaging fire, being displaced several times and Rav Isachsohn’s own failing health, the Yeshiva grew to what it is today, a beautiful campus with five separate buildings which house the Yeshiva’s five divisions ranging from Early Childhood through Junior High school.

Today, the Yeshiva continues the legacy of Rav Isacsohn in providing Los Angeles youth, with not just a quality education but a foundation built on Yiddishkeit, Torah and middos.


  1. 18

    Parent Workshop

    December 18, 9:00 AM
  2. 20

    Report Cards – Term I

    December 20
  3. 23


    December 23 - December 26

    3:45 PM Dismissal

  4. 27

    Chanukah Recess

    December 27 - December 30
  5. 01

    Legal Holiday

    January 1, 12:30 PM

    12:30 PM Dismissal

  6. 06

    Parent Teacher Conferences – Boys & Boys Junior High

    January 6, 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM
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“Teaching is not about numbers and facts, it’s about reaching the hearts and minds of our students, impacting and building the next generations, and passing on the torch of our mesorah.”

Rabbi Yakov Krause

Mazel Tov!

Miriam Weiner & Yehuda Lubin (Lakewood)
on their engagement!
Mazel tov to her parents, Rabbi & Mrs. Avraham Weiner
Elozor Simcha Grawitzky & Hadassah Liverman (Lakewood)
on their engagement!
Mazel tov to his parents, Rabbi & Mrs. Grawitzky
Mrs. Chany Stern
On the birth of a granddaughter
Yonatan Reihani
on his bar mitzvah!
Mazel tov to his parents, Rabbi & Mrs. Dovid Reihani
Sara Esther Tolwin & Aron Pollack
on their engagement!
Mazel tov to her parents, Mrs. & Mrs. Tolwin
Nechama Weiss & Gabi Mermestein (Chicago)
on their engagement!
Mazel tov to her parents, Mr. & Mrs. Tully Weiss
Yosef Chaim Mahpari & Chaya Leah Segankohanim
on their marriage!
Mazel tov to the parents, Rabbi & Mrs. Shimon Mahpari & Mrs. Mordechai Segankohanim
Rabbi & Mrs. Shlome Hauer
On the birth of a grandson
Rabbi & Mrs. Yom Tov Rubnitz
on the birth of a granddaughter
Mr. & Mrs. Dovid Chaim Heyman
on the birth of a granddaughter
Rabbi & Mrs. Aaron Sochet
On the birth of a grandson
Chani Goldzweig & Mordechai Reich (Clevland)
on their engagement!
Mazel tov to her parents, Rabbi & Mrs. Zev Goldzweig and her grandparents, Rabbi & Mrs. Avrohom Czapnik
Deena Mandelbaum & Tzvi Kornfeld (Toms River, NJ)
on their engagement!
Maze tov to her parents, Rabbi & Mrs. Shemaya Mandelbaum
Akiva Hami
on her bas mitzvah!
Mazel tov to his parents, Mr. & Mrs. Asaf Hami
Mr. & Mrs. Yaakov Freeman
on the birth of a baby boy!
Mr. & Mrs. Yisroel Jaeger
on the birth of a baby boy!

The right tools can set your child up for success

Junior High Girl’s Supply List
Junior High Boy’s Supply List
Elementary Girl’s Supply List
Elementary Boy’s Supply List

How You Can Help

Yeshiva Rav Isacsohn Toras Emes depends on the support of their parent body to continue providing excellence in education and child development. Please help us in any way you can through a general donation or from one of our three programs.

Merchants Accepting Yeshiva Scrip

*Vendors with an asterisk give 5% when you write your check to YRI-TEA SCRIP

  • Ariel Glatt Kosher Market* 323-964-9438
  • Cambridge Farms* 818-506-6661
  • Elat Market 310-659-7070
  • Encino Glatt Market* 818-343-7900
  • Fairfax Fishery 323-653-6333
  • For Kids Only* 323-650-4885
  • Glatt Mart* 310-289-6888
  • La Brea Kosher Market 323-931-1221
  • Le Market 818-763-5223
  • Livonia Glatt Market* 310-271-4343
  • Memories ‘N More 323-930-1764
  • Pico Glatt Market* 310-785-0904
  • Ram’s Judaica Wholesale 310-801-6954
  • Super Sal’s Market* 818-906-2815
  • Three Amigos Produce 323-951-9167
  • Western Kosher Fairfax 323-655-8870
  • Western Kosher Pico 323-933-8283

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Our Locations

The yeshiva is proud to have a beautiful campus with facilities dedicated to each of our five divisions.
For your division, please contact us at the information below.

Early Childhood
636 North La Brea AvenueLos Angeles, CA 90036
Boys Elementary
540 North La Brea Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90036
Girls Elementary
555 North La Brea Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90036
Boys Junior High
7011 Clinton Street
Los Angeles, CA 90036
Girls Junior High
529 North La Brea Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90036




There is a change of schedule for Parent Teacher Conferences due to a number of conflicts in the community.

The new dates are as follows:

January 6th: Boys/BJH
January 13th: Girls/GJH


We will once again allow parents to sign up online. A link will be emailed to parents when it is available.


Conferences will take place in the evenings from 6:00-10:00 p.m. with additional daytime hours for girls' junior high (limudei Kodesh) and boys' junior high (general studies only).

Mazel Tov to Rabbi Czapnik’s Pre-1 boys

on completing the Alef Bais and receiving their Sefer. They proudly received their very own Alef Bais Sefer from Rabbi Krause.